La lontananza
9 December 2019
Pulcinella mignon, Pulcinella 33, Pulcinella medio e Pulcinella
9 December 2019

Our porcelain figures come from a strictly handcrafted process. This means that, even in reproducing faithfully the original model, every single piece will be slightly different from all the others of the same kind, as in the drapes, hairs and painting.
Every piece is therefore unique and defined by our exceptional attention to details, the high quality of our materials and the certainty of having a handmade product, which are certified also by the markings we put under every piece, such as the "made in Italy" stamp and our signature or logo.

Rêve light

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Porcelain figurine of three ballerinas wearing stylized dresses. They lean on each others, a steady foot on the ground and the other one on the tip of the toes. They are wearing a sand colored dress, an orange one and a warm grey one with matching gloves and ballet slippers respectively. All dresses are adorned with elegant embroideries painted using a particular technique in those three colors and touches of white.
Height: 17 cm

Every product created by Sibania is unique both concerning the realization process of every single piece and the production technology, which boasts its being inimitable by others. Each item is hand made and hand painted in our workshop, set in Vicenza (Italy). All clothes are made of thin, porcelain layers on which different kinds of textures are screen printed. These layers are cutted according to the characteristics of every single template. They are successively carefully applied on the figurine body. Hairstyles are also handcrafted depending on each figurine’s unique features. Faces, clothes and accessories are painted on the biscuit with non-toxic colors. The piece is eventually baked one last time (“third firing”). Any additional details such as violin strings or the Vespa kickstands are then applied on the finished piece.


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About this collection
This figurine belongs to the LIGHT series. It differs from the other collections: the skin color is painted directly on the biscuit, giving a pale olive complexion to the figurines. The glossy effect obtained makes the particular colors of the clothes and accessories stand out. The hair is always painted in the shades of light brown-blond color that is sometimes enhanced by slight red tones, added to highlight the particular technique through which those hairstyles are realised.